Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sewing Away

The tuxedo shirt is now completed and sent to my sis.  Looking really smart, with all the bells & whistles on how a shirt should be.

French cuffs!
  Then an A-Line Yoke denim skirt.  Just love the top-stitching in jeans thread and the contrasting facing and pockets.  Makes me wish I wore skirts!

The simple prim applique design was fun to do.  Love Note (freebie). And Jess W takes credit for suggesting the word 'fleur'!

I also sewed a 3/4 sleeved knit blouse.  The collar was not done well.  Because I winged the length of the neck band.  My printer was out of toner and I could not print the actual neck band.  Of well ...  The Craftsy course on Sewing with Knits helped immensely. 

 On the quilting front, I am enjoying the hand quilting on my CW quilt.  This will be the quilting design for each block.  So far I've only completed 1 block.  Hah!

The hand quilting for the Valentine doll quilt is completed and I love it. Just simple straight lines criss-crossing the quilt.

And there's the very little cutie quilt top from Lori's Abundance QAL.  I pride myself that I've done every single QAL run by Lori but I know Lori will quickly remind me that none of them are quilted!  That will change ... hopefully soon ... :)
I made a boo-boo with the hour glass block.  But it's staying ...

 When I saw Lori's completed 'A little porch time', I had the yearning inspiration to do some prim applique.  Didn't you applique this 'House Pillow' too Lori?  I remembered that I kept a Jan Patek design that was a free download sometime back.  It's not available now though.  I got my friendly photocopy lady to shrink the applique pieces to fit a 14" pillow form instead of 18".  I've only got the star to complete and and I want to do some stitchery between the tree top and the star.  Maybe 'Pineberry Lodge' or something?

I had a LOT of help from a series of wonderful applique videos by  MSQC featuring Jenny Doan and Jan Patek herself!  The first of the 4 part series starts here on YouTube
Design:  House Pillow by Jan Patek