Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I'm hooked

... literally.  My days have been filled with everything crochet.  Even while waiting at the doctor's office I was reading crochet patterns and trying very hard to learn and understand them.  I think I'm drowning in crochet but please don't save me! LOL!!

 I've since added colours to my cotton yarn stash.  Variety is always good IMHO :)  So I've been following along Lucy's blog with some of her generous tutorials.  I came up with  hexie.

 Even did some organizing of the yarn labels with some yarn tied around it for 'future' reference!  I got out an old tote bag I made over 10 years ago.  Please ignore my terrible finishing.  I've since improved ... I think.  The tote had an obscene 6" gusset!  Talk about serendipity.

Then I discovered Heidi's blog.  She has an awesome tutorial of the African Flower hexagon on the side bar.  Gosh it's so pretty. I'm just playing around with all these grannys and learning how their constructed.

 I made another beanie, this time a turned cuff beanie.  A tutorial by Beth on YouTube.  The way ribbing is done in crochet is very interesting.

And finally this is my REAL current project.  It's a pattern from the Burda magazine that June T gave me for my birthday.  Is that karma or what?  It's the start of a cushion cover with a crocheted flange.  I need to learn to understand the instructions, slowly but surely.  The beauty with crochet is you can always rip it all off and start again! I also fancy the granny squares blanket on the right.  Next project perhaps?

My little gifts for my pals Merilyn and Elyte arrived safely in Australia.  Their birthdays fall on the second half of July.  I embroidered their house numbers on the roof of the house!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Some crocheting

What?  You ask.  Well I'm smitten ... what more can I say.  It was love at 3rd sight.  Out of the blue I thought I'd give crochet one last swing.  I've tried it before and the results were quite dismal :(  More because I did not have the correct yarn.  Yeah blame it on the tools.  Really ... I absolutely loathe those acrylic yarn that are easily available in every haberdashery shop from here to Timbuktu!  I am not a yarn snob but at least I know good yarn from bad.  And with the amount of work one puts into crocheting it better be worth it.

 These are cotton yarn that I bought from Maycraft.  I've not seen many shops in KL selling cotton yarn.  Since I was just testing the waters again I got only 2 skeins ... for now.  The hooks are those regular Tulip brand hooks. 

 Some of my trial granny squares.  The left square is from a tutorial by crochet supremo Lucy.  And the right is a traditional square by my favourite YouTube instructor Beth.  Gosh the colours red and white together is sooo damn classy!

And ... the basic beanie was the next project I wanted to tinkle with.  It was really really easy.  My sis wants a slouch beanie!  When I proposed some roses on the beanie ... she said please don't ... gosh no way that she will be able to look as cool as David Beckham with roses on a slouch beanie!  So watch this space for more yarn, more granny squares, more beanies and better quality crochet hooks!

Another local INS I came across recently is Popular Fabric. Lucy the owner is a most wonderful lady.  It also helps when she's passionate about sewing.  Going all out of her way to test a particular sewing foot for me when I requested for more info.  She even made good a short order with an additional pack on the house.  Now that's what I call SERVICE!!

Some button covers and 45mm pack of rotary blade

With Lucy's challenge via her Facebook page it pushed me to make the zipper pouch sooner than I anticipated.  It's from a free tutorial on Craftsy.

 I used a 12" zip rather than the called for 9" because then you can place the zipper pull out of the way of the zipper foot.

 Love that fabric combo.  So British for sure, thoughtful gifts from Margaret W. I have enough to make another two but with a different fabric for lining.

And a Union Jack thimble (again gift from Margaret W) to complete the picture.  This will be for my cousin's daughter Chloe who just finished a year of study in UK.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Month of June

First up was June T's birthday a couple of weeks ago.  It can be really difficult deciding what to make for June, as long as it's blue-ish I think I'm safe.  Since my friends has all got a mug rug, it was June's turn to 'suffer' one from me!

Stitchery pattern by Kaaren.  Hand quilted with Perle thread.

Bag tutorial by MSQC

Then Margaret W got us ladies some lovely souvenirs.

I think I want to make a zipper pouch from the oh so British fabrics!  Some pins for that lil teapot tray.

And yesterday I collected Merilyn's parcel from the PO.  Gosh was I overwhelmed.  It's suppose to be for my birthday but better late than never I say.

A whole load of goodies.  The fabrics are French General people! A vintage spool, vintage counted stitches book and a sewing machine pin.  Also an Olfa pinking blade which I know will come in handy in my sewing and the requisite chocolate :)