Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I'm hooked

... literally.  My days have been filled with everything crochet.  Even while waiting at the doctor's office I was reading crochet patterns and trying very hard to learn and understand them.  I think I'm drowning in crochet but please don't save me! LOL!!

 I've since added colours to my cotton yarn stash.  Variety is always good IMHO :)  So I've been following along Lucy's blog with some of her generous tutorials.  I came up with  hexie.

 Even did some organizing of the yarn labels with some yarn tied around it for 'future' reference!  I got out an old tote bag I made over 10 years ago.  Please ignore my terrible finishing.  I've since improved ... I think.  The tote had an obscene 6" gusset!  Talk about serendipity.

Then I discovered Heidi's blog.  She has an awesome tutorial of the African Flower hexagon on the side bar.  Gosh it's so pretty. I'm just playing around with all these grannys and learning how their constructed.

 I made another beanie, this time a turned cuff beanie.  A tutorial by Beth on YouTube.  The way ribbing is done in crochet is very interesting.

And finally this is my REAL current project.  It's a pattern from the Burda magazine that June T gave me for my birthday.  Is that karma or what?  It's the start of a cushion cover with a crocheted flange.  I need to learn to understand the instructions, slowly but surely.  The beauty with crochet is you can always rip it all off and start again! I also fancy the granny squares blanket on the right.  Next project perhaps?

My little gifts for my pals Merilyn and Elyte arrived safely in Australia.  Their birthdays fall on the second half of July.  I embroidered their house numbers on the roof of the house!


  1. I think you only have one setting; "high speed!"

  2. Your crocheting is really coming along beautifully, it's looking neat and the tension is getting very good also!!!! Well done Barbara!!! I love that crochet blanket too!!! I dare you LOL!!!!!!

  3. Way to go Barbara, you are being very creative with that wool. I don't think that there are enough hours in the day to fully pursue all our hobbies.
    I loved my gift, thank you so much.

  4. isn't it fun when a new interest is discovered? it looks as though you're mastering things pretty fast. i agree with you, that afghan on the right in the Burda magazine is very pretty.

    the houses (with their house numbers on them) are so much fun~! CUTE~!!~