Saturday, 17 August 2013

Nothing much ...

My sewing machine kaput on me.  I suppose I could drag out my old Singer.  Maybe I will, if I really need a fix to sew.  And to think the service people has not come and collect it for repair up till now :(  Oh well ... I figure there's many many more crafts that will be able to keep my hands busy apart from just sewing.

Enter my 'creative' space.  So I finally got off my butt and cleaned and cleared the corner and chucked some stuff into the store room.  It'll do until it's time for a deep clean before Christmas.  The dust bunnies were propagating!   

All those hand stitching crafts were staged!

While I was in the store room I dragged out my CW quilt.  Oh my ... when will I enjoy sleeping under this quilt?  So I've decided to tie-quilt instead of hand quilt it.  Sometimes I just have to be practical. Really hope it'll get speedily along.

Then there's more crochet.  I crocheted a placemat!  Jess W calls it the Dolly Mixture placemat!


I think the colours look really pretty together
 And my current WIP, granny squares for a bag.  There's 3 more rounds to go but I cannot proceed till the yarn stock arrives in early September :(

I need 17 granny squares for a bag.  There's only 8 so far


  1. Hi Barbara, there is always lots to do isn't there?
    I will take your lead and tidy my room too. I seem to get more done in a tidy space but it gets messy so quickly!
    Sounds like you will be sleeping under your quilt sooner than you think.
    You have chosen lovely colours for your wool.

  2. That is a wonderful looking corner.

  3. Sorry to hear about your sewing machine, hope you get it back soon!!! I would get out the old Singer, sounds as if she's been waiting patiently for a little company!!!! All your crochet squares looks just wonderful, you really are getting 'into' them!!!! So nice to see your CW quilt again.....I haven't even sewn my blocks together......yet.....tsk tsk tsk!!!!!
    I'd love to get into my sewing room, even to sit a spell LOL!!! so nice to have a big tidy up, gets the creative thingy happening again......

  4. ah, i now can see those cute little granny squares~! i hope that your yarn comes soon so that you can finish up your bag.

    sorry to hear about your machine . . . it is amazing what we can get done when our machines are down sometimes. just seems to open up a bit of time and focus.

    the placemat is CUTE~! are you sure it's not a dolly afghan~!? sweet colors~!

    are you snuggling under your CW quilt yet? it's wonderful.

    always fun to see what you have been up to. i didn't realize that i had been away for so long.