Friday, 6 September 2013

Happenings ...

It was Margaret W's birthday end of last month and this is what I came up with.

Cross stitch design by The Sampler Girl and made it into a zipper pouch. 
 I really like the zipper pouch finish as it's such a useful item and I can incorporate a lovely XS pattern and use a coordinating fabric.  In this zipper pouch the fabric is by French General (a gift from Merilyn) with a piece of French Linen tape attached to it.

Now the buttons were difficult to centralize.  Pushing the fabric to the button tool took all the energy I could muster! 

Another tote bag but this time wider using the tutorial by MSQC on YouTube
Visited Yee Buttons a couple of weeks ago and got some stuff and made even more enjoyable when I have a 25% discount voucher!  I got those crochet hooks that I've wanted badly.

The Clover needle threader is fabulous.  The old eyes are quite thankful for it :)  I really love it especially since I've been sewing up some hexies lately.  I've also read some good reviews on the Clover thimble especially for quilting.  I haven't tested it yet but I will hopefully this weekend.  And some perle thread to add to my stash.  Comes in handy when embellishing garments and big stitch quilting.  Among those I got some 1/4M cuts of fabrics for my other projects and hexies.

I was inspired when Libby took out her hexie project here. They look so pretty.  So I took out mine and worked on them more earnestly! :)

 It's a small project, either a table topper or a cushion cover ... we'll see.  Quilting it should be fun.

On the crochet front I made some flowers and leaves using the tutorials by Attic 24 and BobWilson123 on YouTube.  I gave them to Lucy when we met for coffee on Wednesday.  She also gave me a piece of blue cotton jersey fabric which is soaking now.

 Here are some sewing notions that I bought from Lucy's webshop.  Love the packaging of the snap buttons ... rather vintage methinks.

This is my stack of granny squares for the bag I'm planning.  Don't they look like flapjacks? I've run out of yarn :(  Hopefully Maycraft stocks up quickly.  I've joined an affiliate program with them, so if you need some cotton yarn please click on the image on the right.

Last week I made some prawn fritters also known locally as cucur udang.  I don't think I've added enough salt :(  But I'll give it another try.  It's simple to prepare and I followed a good video by our local chef Norman Musa on YouTube. 

 This book came in the evening.  It's my continuing education in garments.  The baju kurung is a traditional garment in Malaysia.  I intend to learn it's inner workings :)  Thankfully it is in English.


  1. Aargh, I have prawn fritter envy.

  2. i think you are working on your hexie project more earnestly than i am and wow is it sweet~! i love the fabrics/colors that you are using as well as the way that you are grouping them.
    i've had to tuck mine back away for the time being as other projects are pressing against deadlines.
    thank you for including a link to my blog. :-D

    the zipper pouch is fabulous and those buttons make it extra special. i'm glad that you were able to get them on.

    those fritters do look delicious . . . i may have to study that video and make some for me to eat~!

    the stack of granny squares does look tempting but i want to see more than just the edges . . . maybe next time.


  3. Hi Barbara,
    Always enjoy seeing the gifts that your make for your friends, and the ones that you receive in return. I like how you have added the stitch to the zipper pouch. Very pretty. Your little hexie garden in growing beautifully and those prawn fritters look sooooooo good!

  4. Nice to see you have been keeping busy with your beautiful projects, you did a great job with the zipper pouch!!! I'm so behind on my blog reading, and the yahoo groups have gone all crazy!!.....can't figure my way around them now at all, so have largely given it all away, I wish they'd leave well enough alone.........still enjoy reading what a few people are up to, I'll be interested to see how your traditional clothing sewing goes, it's definitely all about the fabrics with those beautiful loose fitting styles.....

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