Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Happy New Year!

Wishing that it will be a good one for everyone!

I won't be updating my blog much anymore as I think my Facebook account is easier for me.  I've set my account to public because it's basically another platform of my blog i.e. a crafty kinda place.  I'm still a newbie but I'm learning fast :) so please bear with me.

I get to update my status very easily and it's mostly on the projects I am working on be it crochet, knitting (yes I've taken that up too), quilting, sewing ... and my cooking adventures.

However my sewing blog Sartorial Stitches is in full swing as I journal my sewing journey, couture techniques, tailoring tools etc.

So here's to the good things that 2014 will bring!


  1. Those ornaments look very cute. Will have to pop in and visit you on FB. Happy New Year.

  2. Beautiful ornaments Barbara!!! Happy New Year to you too!!!!
    I'll pop in every now and again!!!!

  3. A happy new year! I did a bit of Facebook instead of my blog and I wasn't so happy with it, so I am back to my blog. I hope you find it more successful than I did. Good luck!

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