Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas to all!

It's Christmas eve and I'm slowing down and going at a leisurely pace.  Enjoying some Christmas carols and sewing.

The Belgian Waffles quilt is completed and I am using it as my chair back.  Love the burst of colours.

I managed to complete 2 cushion covers just in the nick of time.  One of them is not a Christmas theme so I've put it away till after Christmas.  I've combined some cross stitch pieces that I've done a couple of years back and added some pretty fabric all around.

Cross Stitch Design: The Sampler Girl.
 I just love the quirkiness of the verse.  As you will notice it was stitched in 2010!  I figured it's about time to finish it and figured a cushion cover with honey bun strips all around it log cabin style will make a cheerful composition.  I lined the top with flannel and piece of cotton, and did some big stitch quilting along the strips with Perle cotton No. 8.

Cross Stitch Design: The Sampler Girl (freebie)
Completed this on the eve of Christmas Eve which means to say yesterday.  I would have finished it earlier if not for me buying a different red for the piping's binding.  Gotta do it right, ya know.  Love how it turned out.  I referenced a tutorial here.  Instead of machine stitching the piping to the front I hand basted it, more control and accuracy IMO.  The fabrics around it courthouse steps style are CW Christmas fabrics.

The postman was rather busy sending lovely gifts from dear friends my way this Christmas.  

 Look at how Santa is decorating his own tree in his house!  I love, love, love that pillow house finish.  Lovely little gifts from Margaret W.  I initially thought it was a Mary Garry design but it turned out to be a PS OOP.  The cushion has now joined his friends in my basket of Christmas smalls.   

Jackie W sent along a spool holder along with this appliqued Yoko Saito-ish key holder.  I'm using it now and I love it.

And then an absolutely fantastic Christmas ornament from Lillie!  Heck it's just gorgeous!  It's a design by LHN.  Lillie just comes up with all these creative finishes!  I've hung it on my door so the bell jingles every time I open and close the door!  Ah ... simple pleasures!

Here are two more packages from my stitching pals in OZ.  Elyte and Merilyn.  This is our second Christmas swap.  May there be many more!  I'll be opening them Christmas morn.

That's about wraps it up for the year.  I hope to still churn out a blouse or two ;) before 2012 comes to a close.

Merry Christmas to everyone, may it be a safe and happy one.  Many thanks for coming by!


  1. What a great way to finish off your stitching! The cushions look great. The quilt is fantastic, too--the colors will make you happy no matter how gray the day might be. :) You've received such lovely little gifts, lucky you!

  2. PS--Wishing you & yours a very blessed Christmas!

  3. I'm a little late but wanted to witsh you happy holidays! May 2013 bring amny blessings.

  4. Lovely cushion finishes BJ!
    Glad to know you are thrilled with my ornie.I do have my initial doubt, as if that bell shape finishing is do-able;P
    Wonderful gifts from MW and Jackie too.

  5. Barbara, Merry Christmas. I forgot to update my blogroll with your new address. Ooooops!
    Beautiful and thoughtful gifts, and very you.
    Love the little Christmas Eve stitchery. Do you think that if I start now I may make my Christmas 2013 deadline?

  6. I hope you had a great Christmas and new year! Love the quilt and the pillow finishes for your needlework. Nice work!

  7. Hi BJ! What a wonderful quilt and pillow. You have gotten lots of pretties this year and I am sure there is more to come in those packages.

    I wish you a joy-filled and creative New Year!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  8. Looks as though you have received some wonderful goodies from far and wide Barbara! I thought I'd track you down again as I had forgotten to update your new url on my reader and hadn't see anything from you in a while!! Well, it's all over for another year and we are now into 2013!!!! This year Christmas came fast and left faster LOL!!!!!
    Wishing you all the very best for the New Year!!!!!

  9. the cross stitched cushions are so fun and once again it's been my pleasure to see what you've been up to so far this year. i'm glad you are back in my blogging world~!