Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hand Quilting Revisited

Happy New Year everyone!  2013 is well on it's way ...

I think I may have found some new wind to do some relaxing hand quilting this New Year.  When I hand quilted  previously (the little that I did)  it was quite dreadful and painful.  Mind you we're talking about big stitch or utility quilting, not those fine Amish quilting.  I somehow did not get it ... the rocking motion ... until I saw this video.

Actually I've seen how Sarah Fielke quilted from a video that came with a magazine that Jess W gave me many moons ago but I don't think it was explained very well.  After watching this FREE video all the lightbulbs started switching on!  A rare occurrence I know.  Prior to discovering this video and in pursuit of this elusive skill I initially enrolled in Craftsy's Hand Quilting class.  I was quite disappointed.  I have enrolled in many Craftsy classes and they were all very informative.  So I requested for a refund in less than 24 hours from purchasing the course and to Craftsy's credit they gave me a refund promptly.

Here's the proof.  I had to quickly look for a quilt which will fit my gigantic hoop and which was already basted.  I remembered I had one that fits the description which was destined for machine quilting, long time ago.  I've been hand quilting a little every day and it's so enjoyable.  My stitches are far from even and even further from small.  But as Sarah wisely says ... practice!.  So now I may get all those quilt tops finally quilted.  That's the plan.

I made a simple design board measuring 16" x 24" this morning.  I did not have those stapler guns so I just taped it down.  If it falls apart I may get duct tape instead.  On the board is a block from Pam Buda's QAL  but I think the pieces are too small for my liking.

 This was the lovely packages that I opened on Christmas morning.  Their from Elyte.  Just love the pincushion.  I am already using it.

 And from Merilyn some lovely FQ's, one can never get enough of fabric and a cute Quilting sign which is now perched above my monitor telling me I should be quilting!

Cross Stitch Designer: The Primitive Hare.  Fabric: 32ct Belfast Raw Linen.  Floss: DMC
 And these went to the girls.   Made them into cushion wall hangings, added a snowflake and Christmas tree charm and a couple of prim scissors.  I think we're going to make this our little tradition :) 

 On the sewing front I completed my second Sassy Librarian blouse, it's actually with short sleeves.  The picture above is an in-progress pic.  I think this blouse pattern has potential for some tweaking i.e. round collar, square collar etc.  Will look into that once I get some inexpensive cotton.  They'll be for my home / market wear.  Maybe even make a couple of sleeveless blouses, to expose my elephant arms :(

Still in the pot is my sis' shirt.  Pleated tuxedo bib, french cuffs and all.  Only a little work left and it'll be done.

I've had some queries on the scissors I've displayed with my pics.  I've got only one of each for now but if there are some interests I will try to get more.  Please leave a comment or email me if you'd like them.  I will send you a PayPal invoice.  Items shipped will be via registered mail.

Gold scissors.  Length: 5".  Blade: 1 3/4".  Price:  USD12.00.  Shipping: USD2.00.

Primitive scissors.  Length: 6".  Blade: 2 1/4".  Price: USD 10.00.  Shipping: USD2.00
Thanks for coming by ... wishing you good things and much productivity in 2013!


  1. Your tailoring efforts look so good.

  2. Beautiful stitching and quilting! I'm laughing at myself because when I read what you said about the hand quilting, I was all set to tell you to look at Sarah Fielke's video! I just watched it myself yesterday and want to try it. Do you read Mary's blog, Molly Flanders? Between those two quilters, I really do want to try hand quilting with perle cotton. I'm just always afraid that the want will fizzle out and I'll be left with a barely finished quilt. :P

    Have a happy new year!

  3. Glad you are enjoying your hand quilting. I watched the video and it is very informative. I enjoy hand quilting but making small quilts means lots of seams and that slows me down a little.
    Your garment making is looking very professional.
    Glad you enjoyed your gifts. Mine is hanging on the cupboard door where I can admire it every day.

  4. When I was hand quilting my challenge quilt my friend said "oh you are doing the big stitch!" No, I wasn't!! lol

    Practice will make you better and I enjoy it, so if it is big or little who cares?
    Great eye candy today!!

  5. Glad to see you are not giving up on handquilting! I watched the video and she explains things very clearly. I have just basted my first January Challenge quilt, so will be getting back into handquilting very soon.
    Lovely garments too Barbara, I love the small floral print one, so feminine!!!! Isn't Elyte's pincushion fabulous, I'm loving mine, but have yet to stick a pin into it!!! I have your Christmas cushion hanging in my sewing room, I don't think I'll be putting it away, it'll stay out all year!!!!!! It will gladden your heart to know I have made a start on our next Christmas swap - no excuses this time huh!!!!! LOL!!!!!

  6. Beautiful work on the quilting and stitching. Love the two shirts as well, very nice work. I would be interested in purchasing the scissors you have shown, they are a very interesting design.

  7. i forgot to tell you how much i like your new header~!
    your cross stitch work is perfection~!!~

    i think your quilting stitches look pretty darn good and i'm happy to read that you are enjoying it, which is the most important thing.


  8. Hi there,
    Do you still have the gold handle scissors? I am interested in buying a pair! Please let me know...thank you!

    Bernie Shell

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