Sunday, 31 March 2013


Finally a post on the completion of Abundance.  A QAL by Lori D.  I remembered to throw it into the wash yesterday.  Just love those crinkly goodness.  Don't know why but this little quilt has something quaint about it.  The turn around was steady from flimsy to quilting to binding. 

Abundance. Size 12" x 12".  Batting: Cotton.  Quilting:  Hand quilted with Perle No. 8

I've started a new blog for my sewing.  I find myself gravitating to sewing more and more.  Sewing might not be something you good folks want to see when you visit.  Besides I was looking for a more efficient way to catalogue my sewn garments.  If you have some inclination towards all these sewing talk then please visit Sartorial Stitches.  You are most welcomed.  There's still some work to do to spruce it up but it's a working blog for now.


  1. HI Barbara, you have done a lovely job with your little Abundance quilt. Mine is still in pieces on the wall and temporarily forgotten.
    Your garment making is really taking off and dominating your time. It is always interesting to see the development of skills and interests. Will definitely pop in from time to time.

  2. I agree there is something very quaint about Abundance, it has certainly caught a lot of people's imaginations!! You did a lovely job with the quilting too Barbara!!! Continued good luck with your Sartorial Stitches, will pop over to see what you are up again soon!!!!

  3. I LOVE the final mini quilt Barbara!! It looks so vintagey and loved!!

  4. a very nice Abundance quilt and i love to see your hand quilting~!

    Lori's got another one going now . . . i'm considering giving it a try.